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As MBI Logistics, LLC (MBI) grows, our need for experienced and qualified professionals also grows.

MBI professionals are carefully selected based on their education, credentials, experience, recommendations, professional and ethical conduct, and personal demeanor. Special consideration is also given to applicants with demonstrated dedication to their profession, and commitment to client and patient needs. Thus, interested applicants should be those that are sensitive to the needs of others, and willing to give off their best at all times

Our employees must be capable of providing their services irrespective of the social, economic, religious or racial status.

MBI encourages interested and qualified candidates to apply for the following positions

1) Paratransit Vehicle Drivers

2) Dispatchers:

Duties involve coordinating the schedules of the drives for pick-up and transportation of clients to various programs and locations. Dispatchers also receive calls and confirm pick-up appointments for clients. Dispatchers engage in a high volume of communication with various stakeholders including transportation services partners, patient residential facilities, and healthcare facilities.

3) Transportation Attendants:

Duties include: assisting passengers in and out of vehicle; assisting passengers wear seatbelts/restraints before vehicle is in motion; being present and on board when DDS individuals, minor children, and other clients who have ambulation issues, and who are in need of additional passenger support from Attendant; and, providing additional assistance if requested by the passenger within reasonable circumstances

4) Licensed Security Personnel/Guards (Unarmed for building/facility security guard duties)

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